ALabor Fightback Conference

A Call to a National Assembly for Black Liberation

Black people are under attack on all fronts!

The police are shooting us down in the streets, the stores, in public housing and the parks. Our economic status is going to hell as well—few jobs, low pay, limited or no benefits, and the only system of last-hired-first-fired. Our old people are suffering, and our children learn little or nothing in school. As women we are the poorest and least respected, and face a triple oppression based on race, class and gender. We are discriminated against and suffer state and societal violence because of our sexual orientation. As military veterans we are the most homeless, unemployed, and in need of adequate health care. Where we live are the most neglected areas with the fewest tax dollars fixing streets and sanitation, with the most crime allowed as the drug war continues against us, with the worst concentration of illnesses, bad schools, and toxic environmental conditions.

Something must be done.

The current period of fight back against police violence has been an inspiration for everyone who wants change. Following the great Occupy Movement the Black resistance against police killings has been leading the country into a great awakening. We know that there is a 1% who rules over us. We know that the police serve this 1%. But we are scattered in our fightback. We have some clarity but we need more.

There is a way to go forward—to rebuild the Black Liberation Movement

At critical times we have gathered our forces into one mighty movement to help focus our energy on common goals using shared methods. This is again such a time. Great gains were made by these unity efforts, including negative experiences that we must learn from as we continue to go forward. We have local, regional and national organizations. We mostly agree on the main tasks to fight back against attacks, to raise people’s consciousness about the evils of the capitalist system, and to build forms of unity of action to concentrate the power of Black militancy. Now is the time to rebuild the Black Liberation Movement.

We are starting with a Draft Manifesto for Black Liberation.

The Draft Manifesto is a document to start a national conversation to get our dispersed movement focused back on a common orientation. A national debate can lead to a consensus that can be the basis for a united Black Liberation Movement.

The National Assembly needs your endorsement!