Labor Fightback Conference

The Third National Labor Fightback Conference

The Third National Labor Fightback Conference has happened. About eighty-five people got together at Cleveland State University from July 21 to July 23. We talked about the challenges presented to the labor movement and social-justice struggles by the Donald John Trump administration, which may be remembered in history as the rock-bottom of American politics. We talked about the opportunities presented by the massive response to Trump’s racist, sexist, militaristic, environmentally destructive, and labor-hating agenda. Most importantly, we spoke our minds. We took big steps toward better understanding of the challenges we face, our different points of view, and how we can work together in resistance to Trump and to the corporate elite who stands behind him. The Labor Fightback Network made new connections with independent electoral initiatives in the African-American community in different cities; we re-energized our solidarity with the agricultural workers organized in the Farm Labor Organizing Committee, and we took a giant step toward a unified movement against U.S. wars and interventions by re-establishing a relationship of solidarity with the United National Antiwar Coalition. Most importantly of all possibly was the beginning of a discussion of how to connect the social-justice activists—including the social-justice wing of the trade union movement—with the broad mass of working people who are being hurt by the Trump agenda and see no alternative being offered by the Democrats. A big part of that discussion involved concrete electoral alternatives to the politicians who are in big business’s pocket like so many nickels and dimes. During the coming days and weeks we will be posting in this space reports, photographs, and videos from the conference, and most importantly, proposals for action which conference participants agreed to by consensus before the conference adjourned on July 23. Watch this space, and if you would like to be an active participant with the Labor Fightback Network in the months ahead, then click here to tell us who you are and how to get in touch with you. There is much to be done, and you have something important to bring to the struggle.