Labor Fightback Conference

The Labor Fightback Conference was a big success. Were you there?

About a hundred people gathered at the Rutgers University Inn and Conference Center May 15–17 to discuss what labor and community activists need to do to fight back against the bosses’ and government's attacks on our unions, our neighborhoods, our families, and ourselves. In the days and weeks to come, reports and presentations from the Conference will be posted in this space. Additionally, we will be initiating a discussion of independent labor political action in the elections of 2016 and beyond. That discussion will appear on The Labor Fightback Blog. In the upcoming weeks the Labor Fightback Network will be devoting its resources and the resources of the unions and community organizations to which we belong to bringing a million people to Newark, NJ, on July 25, to march and rally against police violence, racial injustice, and economic inequality. The July 25 demonstration has been initiated by the New Jersey–based People’s Organization for Progress, and supported by a wide range of organizations and individuals throughout the country. Additionally, the Labor Fightback Network will be joining with unions, environmental groups, and many others to fight against the Trans-Pacific Partnership “trade agreement,” a threat to jobs, to democracy, and to our planet itself. Watch this space! There will be a lot of good information here, information that you, your coworkers, your family members, and your neighbors can use!